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“My father broke my heart long before any boy had the chance to.”

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Noah co-starred Jennifer Connelly, whose mother was Jewish, and Logan Lerman, who is 100% Jewish. Surely they can play Old Testament characters.

you’re dumb as all-fucking hell flirbs

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I was in love with this boy once so I started to beat him up everyday but people thought we were rough housing bc boys can’t like each other and one day I was like “dude I like you a lot but I can’t cope with my feelings so I beat you up im sorry” and he was like “dude that’s really chill we can hold hands if you want??? Btw you have really good punches.” And that’s the story of how I had my first boyfriend

that was wild from start to finish

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Joo Wan: Was your personality always like that?
Joo Yeon: What about my personality? Are you being like that because of what I said to Oh Se Ryeong earlier? Your first impression of me mustn’t have been very good. Right? I am quite bad. But what’s the point of being good? “If you are kind, you’ll be blessed.” Do you believe in that? You sat down because I look pitiful and lonely. Why, during this chilly winter night, is a girl all by herself, without friends, without a lover, drinking? That’s right. Nobody loves me. But that’s okay. Why? You live life alone anyway. Even if I’m with you right now, I’m alone. That’s because I wasn’t born to be loved. I was born to eat and live well even just by myself. And, you see, I also *really* like being alone.
Joo Wan: Were you always this kind of woman?
Joo Yeon: Where will you find a woman who was born like this? It’s something that you realize as you live. The secret of the universe. Everyone, but myself, is a stranger.
Joo Wan: If you believe that, isn’t living hard?
Joo Yeon: No, not at all. People dislike me because I’m like this, so I simply dislike them back. There’s no reason for me to look good to people who don’t like me. Even liking the people who like me is so hard that it’s killing me!
Joo Wan: You… Do you have people who love you?
Joo Yeon: I told you. Nobody loves me. But even if it’s like that, I’m fine.

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A collab done with the amazing and super talented matereya <33 Who is one of my sweetest and most supportive friends and who made my lines 100000x better.ahhHH i can’t express how much i love itttt  Mati, you’re for real the queen of lighting. Thank you so so much for art-trading/collaborating with me. It was so much fun and I had a blast coloring your lines

nice..I ship vicariously. I saw one scene between them that made me want to ship them and I was going to watch, then I found out Kataang was canon. The thing is, I am now scared to watch, because what if Zutara turns out like Stelena did, I watched for TVD for them, and then I found out Stephen was an ugly self-righteous prick and Delena is where it’s at. So what if that happens…I still might watch it because TOPH is the shit

YOU. NEED. TO. WATCH. I assure you, you’ll love it beyond shipping! And Toph IS the shit. I don’t like Zutara (I ship another Zuko ship), but even if you don’t like Kataang, it’s not gonna stop you from loving the show or any of the characters, including Aang. ATLA isn’t one of those shows that you watch strictly for the shipping…(even if you don’t “SHIP” kataang, you’ll still like their relationship for the most part minus shipping, it’s not insufferable).

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